My consideration in choosing a product to sell via internet

My consideration in choosing a product to sell via internet

My consideration in choosing a product to sell via internet
To some extent as a beginner I really want to be able to make real money online, as for this time I have no Job and don’t have enough experience to run such a real business in a real world. And also because it seems I already bored with some of online business that only wasting my time and money without giving a significant result. So even though I have less knowledge in running a personal business, I dare to take a chance to start building my own small home based business by selling physical product via internet.

Like I’ve written in my previous post, at first off course I have no idea what product suitable to sell via internet. If I search to Google, many people give their suggestion that if we want to start our own business, we should offer such a product that people really looking for. But what do really people want?

Trying to look at the hot trend as what they tough in their eBook, still I couldn’t find any hot product that many people looking for and willing to spend their money to buy. Or maybe it’s because I’m too idiot to find it? While at the same time, I don’t have a lot of funds. Then it really makes me sick!

But my desire is bigger than this obstacle. So instead wasting my time, trying to find such a hot product, I then decided several points in choosing a product to sell via internet.

First off all is about the budget. I should keep aware that I will only choose a product that fit my budget. This is a common sense huh?! But it is the fact.

Second one is about the main target. I have to stick to what I will run, that is a small home based business, so I have to maintain my own feeling. I should ignore any business opportunity that look like really promising a huge income but take a lot of my own money.

Later then I search a product that really gives lots of benefit to the buyer, such a product that’s really good and if possible is unique or less of competitor. And also not to forget to find a product that is easy to deliver. Cause it will save lots of delivery cost.

I know, basically we can sell anything online as long as we can find the right market, the right person to offer. But for now, at least those points are being my consideration in choosing a product to sell via internet. And finally thanks God I found what I’m looking for. I’ve found a good product that match with my consideration. Product that has a lot of benefit to people with easy maintain to deliver and less of competitor.

Now the sale is start growing, and I keep learning on how to find the right market to sell my product. Wish my small home based business can really make real money online for me.

What about you? Have you started your own business?

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